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How does a UV Printer Work?

Aug. 24, 2022

How does a UV Printer Work?cid=11

The printing of a UV printer is divided into three pieces. They are printing, positioning, and curing.


Printing refers to the UV printer using piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, no direct contact with the appearance of raw materials, relying on the internal voltage of the nozzle, the ink in the spray hole is ejected to the appearance of the substrate.

How does a UV Printer Work?cid=11


Positioning refers to the precise control of the UV printer print head on different raw materials, heights, and shapes of the print image. In the X-axis positioning, the primary reliance on the grating decoder, to direct the device how to print horizontally. In the Y-axis, the primary reliance on servo motor drive, accurate control of the print head in and out. In the height of the positioning, the primary reliance on the head of the lift motor. By virtue of these three positionings, UV printers can achieve precise positioning of the print head, so as to achieve accurate printing.

How does a UV Printer Work?cid=11


Curing refers to the process of drying and condensation of the UV printer ink. This is completely inconsistent with the previous printing equipment needs to bake, dry, and other processes, UV printers use ultraviolet light curing, which is emitted by the ultraviolet lamp ultraviolet light and the ink in the light coagulant to reflect, so that the UV ink dry. The advantage of doing so is to reduce unnecessary equipment and personnel expenses, but also to improve production efficiency, and energy-saving, and environmental protection.


UV printer as an all-around printer, as long as the plane material can be printed on the machine and equipment, is the first choice of equipment for the printing industry. I believe that the choice of UV printer is not wrong, and will certainly bring revenue and wealth. We are a UV printer supplier, its free to contact us if you are interested in them.

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