Desktop UV Printer

Desktop UV Printer make use of ultraviolet LED lights to completely dry or remedy ink during the printing process. Affixed to the print carriage is a UV source of light that complies with the print head. The LED light spectrum reacts with photo-initiators in the ink to instantaneously dry it so that it immediately complies with the substratum.

With instant treating, desktop UV Printer can produce photorealistic graphics on a selection of products including items like plastic, glass and also steel.

Some of the significant advantages of desktop UV Printer :

Environmental Security

Unlike solvent inks, true UV inks launch little to no unpredictable natural substances (VOCs) which makes this printing process environment-friendly.

Faster Manufacturing Rates

Inks heal immediately with UV printing, so there's no downtime before finishing. The process also needs less labor and enables you to obtain even more performed in a shorter time period than with other printing techniques.

Reduced Expenses

There are expense savings with UV printing due to the fact that there's frequently no need to utilize extra materials in completing or placing as well as added protection with laminates may not be required in all. By printing straight to the substrate, you end up making use of much less products, which can save you time and labor.

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