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The 6 Core Components of UV Printers

May. 26, 2022

The 6 Core Components of UV Printers

Before buying a UV printer, it is important to have a more in-depth understanding of the equipment itself. Only in this way we can avoid being deceived when buying equipment. Then how can we go deeper to understand the UV printer? The following six points are important.

Board card

The board is the UV printer's 'brain', not only to control the inkjet nozzle but also to control the operation of the entire machine parts.


Printhead printing accuracy, speed, life, stability, compatibility.

At present, the industry has two main types of printheads, one is Epson, one is Ricoh, Epson we generally common R1390, R1900, xp600, xp2000, I3200, Ricoh's main Ricoh G5, G6, G5i.

In the purchase must know their needs, these two types of printheads have their own advantages, some of the main speed, some main accuracy, some main cost.

Guide rail

Control the back and forth movement of the word car, the smoothness, and precision of its movement determines the degree of accuracy when inkjet.

The 6 Core Components of UV Printers


The platform for placing the substrate is very critical, seems to be similar, but really know how to see it at glance, the first intuitive is the platform material, is the glass or aluminum, steel, followed by the degree of shaking in the process of machine operation, and the height difference in how much.

LED curing light

LED curing lamp installed on both sides of the nozzle, nozzle inkjet LED lamp will emit ultraviolet light will be cured, the better the effect of its irradiation LED lamp, the less light decay, the longer the service life of the lamp.


The body is like the foundation of a tall building, UV printers in the process of operation will have amplitude shaking, the stability of the body is very critical, generally recommended pure steel body is more solid and stable.

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