FC-TS4060 DTG Printer

Freecolor's FC-TS4060 is our multifunctional DTG printer ! This new technology combine textile inks and smart control system to produce vibrant full color on a huge variety of cotton fabric substrates, including dark materials!

· Full steel structure body , aluminium alloy bed and machined surface plus milling parts.

· 2 pieces precision print heads for maximum print speed and color

· CMYK+White ink

· Curable imprint area of 30x40cm

· Bulk ink supply system easily providing access for maintenance and ink replacement

· Built-in vacuum bed holds flat, lightweight substrates in place

· Flatbed is open at the back and front, allowing oversized products to be loaded and products in trays can be accessed during print runs for continuous loading and unloading

· Printer measures approx. 93W x 72 L x 52 H (cm); Weighs approx. 80kg

· Shipping weight approx. 120kg/1CBM

Printer Model
Print head
2 pieces Epson XP600 head
CMYK + White
Print Speed
120 seconds per piece t shirt
Print Size
Print Height
15cm max.
Rotary Device
Print Resolution
720x1800 dpi max
RIP Software
UltraPrint or Photoprint
Cleaning System
Auto Cleaning System
White Ciculation System
Ink Supply System
Open Bulk Tank With Ink Lack Alarm Device
Printer Dimension
Computer System Requirement
Windows 7 / 10 64bit
Connection Port
USB 2.0 /3.0
Cost per square meter
110-220V AC, 50/60HZ

This new ink system includes 2 pcs Epson XP600 heads, 12 channels - 6 channels for the full color CMYK inks plus 6 channels for White ink.

Bulk Ink System 
Each ink color omes in a 500 mL ink tank The bulk ink delivery system reduces the need for ink refills and maintenance and provides an uninterrupted ink flow. Simply add the ink into empty ink and you are ready to continue printing. No cartridge filling or cleaning necessary! Our ink produces little to no fumes, so costly ventilation systems are unnecessary, One set of ink will print up to 100,000 square inches!

White Ink with Circultion System
The introduction of white ink allows you to print directly onto dark materials. You can print solid white imprints, or use it as an opaque base for color imprints. The printer comes with 4 white channels assigned, but can be configured with more, giving you control over the amount of white ink that is applied to your products. It can also be printed as a gradient under photographs, giving you white highlights where you need them.

Ink Lack Alarm System

Equipped with ink lack alarm system to remind you to fill ink when ink near finish.

Freecolor's FC-TS4060 has a large imprint area of 30cm(W)x40cm(L)x15cm(H). The built-in automatic height sensor will detect products and position the flatbed so they are at an optimum distance (2mm) from the print head to maintain the highest quality imprints possible.

Our repositionable tray fixtures make it easy to print on products of varying shapes and materials. Simply lift off one tray and slide in a new one to change from one product to another. Print speed for a full print run ranges from 40 seconds (white t shirt) to 3 mins (dark t shirt ). durable imprints on t shirt, hat, gloves, shoes, towel, fabric, paper and MUCH more!

Freecolor offers advanced RIP software ( also support Photoprint) and smart control print system, depending on your business' needs. Some of the features included in software include:

· Pre-loaded settings for various substrates

· Control over printer functions and channel settings

· Adjust ink density, saturation, and color controls

· White ink options – full background coverage / spot white

· Control dot size improve imprints on curved or uneven surfaces

· Support uni-directonal or Bi-directional print

· Allows you to add your own ICC color profiles to the RIP

· Allows you to create templates for product positioning

· Repeat Function allows you to copy artwork for multiple product prints

· Control dot size to improve imprints on curved or uneven surfaces

· Print settings: Uni-directional or Bi-directional

Freecolor also offers customized ICC color profiling to improve the accuracy and consistency of color imprints from one substrate to another.

Freecolor offers remote training for you and your staff, and we will walk you through the installation of your new FC-TS4060 printer. Freecolor offers a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on our FC-TS4060 printer to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our top notch technical support via telephone, email, live chat and skype video so you can reach us any time you have a question or run into difficulty.

Each printer is shipped with the following:

· 1 x INK SET 5 colors, 500mL each (C, M, Y, K, WHITE ) and maintenance syringes ( for optional)

· 1 x mini supply of lubricants for greasing the rails and tracks

· 1 x mini supply of cleaning solution for printer

· 1 x Screw Driver

· 1 x Spare Damper

· 1 x Set of clear sheets for nozzle checks and test printing

· 1 x bag of lint free wipes

· 1 x Manual

· 1 x USB installation disk for drivers and other videos

· 1 x RIP software

· 1 x Power Cables

· 1 x Remote Control with cable

· 1 Year Warranty

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