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Tips About UV Cleaning Solution Use

Feb. 01, 2018

Is the UV nozzle moisturizing liquid the same as the cleaning liquid? how to use?

UV nozzle moisturizing liquid and cleaning liquid are not the same, the specific use effect is different, the two products have better effect when used together, which can more effectively protect the nozzle of the inkjet printer and extend the service life.

UV nozzle moisturizing liquid is known by its name to have moisturizing function. The cleaning liquid has a good cleaning effect. Let's learn about the differences between the them .

product description:

(1) UV printhead moisturizing liquid:

It is a kind of bio-extracted green and environmentally friendly transparent liquid without solvents and toxic substances, non-corrosive and does not harm the nozzle.


(2) UV nozzle cleaning fluid:

The cleaning liquid is a cleaning liquid composed of sodium metasilicate, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, ethylene oxide propylene oxide copolymer, carboxymethyl cellulose, fluorosurfactant, and silicone defoamer.


The related use material:

Cleaning fluid, moisturizing fluid, syringe, hose, foam sponge, container.

Product use:

The two products are to be used in conjunction. Generally, the nozzle is cleaned with a cleaning solution, and then the nozzle is moisturized with a moisturizing solution.

(1) UV nozzle cleaning fluid:

1. Protect printhead port board and cable with things to avoid cleaning enter into the board and damage head:

The nozzle is in the rear compartment of the printer, and the rear compartment also includes the printhead circuit board. To protect the circuit board, wrap the rear half of the printer with plastic wrap.

2. Soaking:

Prepare a container , place the nozzles flat in the container, and then pour the cleaning liquid into the container with nozzles. Do not splash liquid on the plug and the circuit board.


The soaking time is about 3 hours, such as serious plugging can be soaked for 48 hours.

3. Flushing:

A section of plastic tube (hose) is used to inject the flushing nozzle. Place one end of the plastic tube on a 30m1 syringe, and the other end on the ink inlet of the nozzle that needs to be flushed. At this time, put the cleaning hydraulic pressure in the syringe into the nozzle.


When cleaning, the pressure should not be too high to prevent the liquid pressure from squeezing the waterproof isolation glue inside the nozzle. This step needs to be repeated until each ink outlet sprays a slender water column.




(Two) UV nozzle moisturizing liquid:

1. The moisturizes the nozzle when it is not working continuously to prevent the ink in the nozzle from solidifying.

2. Without turning on the printer (without disassembling the nozzle) for 1-3 days:

Move the print head to the middle, use a non-woven cloth to pad above the ink pad of the unit to be cleaned, pour an appropriate amount of moisturizing liquid, and then reset the print head, here must ensure that the print head is in contact with the non-woven cloth, so that the moisturizing liquid In order to keep moisture, if the non-woven fabric cannot be touched when the print head is reset, the number of layers of the non-woven fabric should be increased until it touches the print head.

3. When the printer is not turned on for a long time, remove the print head for maintenance, and clean it with cleaning fluid (please refer to the usage of the cleaning fluid above). After cleaning, take the non-woven fabric dipped in moisturizing fluid (appropriate amount) Moisturizing liquid) is placed on the nozzle, and placed in a cool place.

The cleaning liquid has a cleaning function, the moisturizing liquid is only used to moisturize the nozzle, and the moisturizing liquid (5-30 days) has the moisturizing effect.

Use note:

1. Store in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.

2. When the temperature is high, the cleaning solution should be stored in a clear water basin (soaked by one-third).                                            

3. Use the cleaning solution in time after opening the lid, and don't let dust and debris enter the cleaning solution.

4. Tighten the cap in time after use to prevent volatilization.

5. If splashed into eyes or in contact with skin, rinse with plenty of water immediately. If the symptoms are severe, seek medical attention immediately.

6. Put it in a place out of reach of children.




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