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UV Printer Common Causes Of Failure

Dec. 04, 2021

UV Printer


This article mainly analyzes the UV printer nozzle heating does not warm up and UV printer flying ink failure causes.


Why UV printer nozzle heating does not heat up?

UV printer nozzle heating does not warm up, affecting the normal UV ink out of the ink, resulting in an ink breakage situation. In the winter when the temperature is low, the fluidity of UV ink is much less than in the summer, UV printer nozzles, UV ink needs to be heated, UV printers work in the ambient temperature between 20 ℃ to 30 ℃, humidity between 30%-60%. The general nozzle does not heat up the failure to appear for six reasons.

1. Whether poor contact

Check the heating pad and UV printer nozzle line contact is loose or broken, there is a loose case, reconnect.

2. Printhead board card failure

Printhead board card failure, contact the manufacturer, send over a new printhead board card can be replaced.

3. Heating pad aging

UV printer printhead heater generally works for 6 months after the aging of the situation, replace the new heater can be.

4. Powerbox voltage is too low

Open the UV printer power box cover, look at the value of the voltage, whether it is too low, if too low, check the voltage regulator is normal.

5. Poor thermal conductivity of the heating element

Heater and UV printer nozzle between the screw is loose, or the existence of foreign objects at the heat conduction, etc., timely cleaning, tighten together can be.

6. UV printer is not reset

The UV printer machine can be reset.


Why is UV printer misting?

UV printer if the humidity is low, the environment is dry, between the nozzle and the material is easy to generate static electricity, so that the printing process will appear in the phenomenon of misting.

Printhead voltage is too high. If the printhead plate indicator shows the voltage of the red light, alarm conditions, the use of the process will appear in the case of misting.

Machine used for a long time, there will be machine nozzle disconnection, this phenomenon will inevitably lead to the machine misting.

An electrical control system to control the ignition of the nozzle pulse spacing is not reasonable. The electrical control system control nozzle ignition between the pulse distance is not reasonably caused by the phenomenon of misting ink.

The printhead is too high, the general height of the printhead and material should be controlled between 1mm ~ 20mm, if the printhead exceeds the range of its own jet, the phenomenon of misting ink will certainly occur.


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