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How to Maintain the UV Printer?

Nov. 16, 2021

UV Printer


Why some users of UV printers can be used for a long time, while some users always replace them frequently? The main reason is related to the user's daily protection and maintenance of UV printers. If you want the UV printer's long service life and have been in the best working condition, this daily protection and maintenance guide can not be less.


LED curing system maintenance

The main function of the LED curing system is to make the ink curing, the main maintenance actions are: replace the antifreeze inside the cooling system and clean the water tank, drain the dirt, it is recommended to change the water every 3 months, clean the dust off the cooling fan, clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the LED lamp head to make the UV light line brighter.


Motion system maintenance

Cross-beam guide and Y-axis screw guide

The cross-beam guide and Z-axis screw guide are added with solid grease (be careful not to wipe the grease on the surface of the grating or magnetic grid).

We need to check the wear level of the guide and the screw, clean the oil and dust on the surface and add the right amount of solid grease.


Negative pressure system maintenance

The main function of the negative pressure system is to ensure that the printing process maintains a balance between the inkjet force and negative pressure suction force in the printhead so that the ink is placed in the printing ink droplet critical point, the main maintenance clean-up health, replace the filter device, check the airtightness of the ink circuit.


Nozzle maintenance

Temperature requirement 25-30 degrees and no dust. Humidity requirements of 40%-70%, when the temperature is lower than 25 degrees, the UV ink is prone to viscosity increase, the fluidity is not good, the printing will be broken ink, false needle, and other phenomena. With too much dust, there will be great damage to the printhead, the equipment must be operated in an environment that avoids direct sunlight.

Ink system maintenance

Ink will produce some sediment after working in the pipeline for a certain time, then we need to clean or replace it, we can choose the maintenance method according to the equipment use condition, A type filter (recommended to replace every 3-6 months), disc type filter (recommended to replace every 1.5-3 months).



Auxiliary system maintenance

The Auxiliary system includes a computer, suction air, voltage stabilizer, etc. The computer needs to be backed up and saved with important information such as pictures, printing software, RIP software, etc. before cleaning, and then use the antivirus software in the computer to clean up the garbage in the computer system; the suction platform needs to be cleaned up in time depending on the specific situation, using a spatula to remove the dirty, ink and other garbage from the platform and wipe the surface of the platform, and the turbine fan needs to be cleaned up regularly with dust inside so as not to affect the suction wind Wind power; check the work of the regulator regularly every week, such as the regulator output voltage power is found to change the need for timely adjustment or warranty.


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