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5 Reasons Why UV Printers Are Widely Used

Nov. 02, 2021

UV Printer


UV printer is a printing tool that dries and cures ink through ultraviolet light. UV ink has been used in offset printing, screen, inkjet, pad printing, and other fields. The traditional printing industry refers to the UV process as the print effect process, which is a layer of varnish on top of a pattern you want (bright, matte, inlaid crystal, gold onion powder, etc.), mainly to increase the brightness of the product and artistic effects, to protect the surface of the product, its high hardness, corrosion-resistant friction, not easy to scratch.


Comply with environmental requirements

UV printing of the entire curing system for the solvent-free system, that is, 100% solvent-free formula, does not contain VOC, precisely to adapt to today's environmental requirements. This is another important feature of UV-curable ink because UV ink cured solid content close to 100%, almost no VOC (volatile organic compounds), that is, the curing process will not or little radiation of volatile organic compounds, will not cause harmful environmental pollution, and less waste, and save energy, and do not have to worry about dealing with harmful flammable and explosive materials, it is part of an environmentally friendly ink.


Fast curing degree

UV ink will dry only under UV light, even if the ink is stored in the ink hopper for a long time, its performance can remain stable and will not appear on the ink roller crust phenomenon. Once irradiated by UV light, the ink dries instantly and generally takes only 1/10s of a second to dry and fix on the surface of the substrate. Traditional headset ink and sheet-fed offset ink, may take a few minutes or even a few days to dry completely, so the use of UV-curable ink printing work, short delivery time, comparable to flexographic printing, gravure printing, greatly improving the production efficiency of printing.


Strong adhesion

UV ink in the chemical substances through cross-linking reaction formed polymer three-dimensional mesh polymer, so the use of UV ink can make the printed ink layer strong, fast-drying and cross-linking so that the ink layer has high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Many of the prints printed on coated paper by UV inks for direct mailing can withstand multiple folding and strong radiation during laser printing again, so UV inks can be used for outer packaging printing that requires abrasion resistance.


Increased productivity and economic efficiency

Drying by light curing, no heat source, no solvent, curing time is very short, the general UV process can achieve a line speed of 400 m / min, greatly improving production efficiency. UV ink printing and then UV varnishing continuous machine processing, the print obtained high gloss and surface flat and uniform. After the continuous machine varnishing can make die-cutting, creasing, gluing and hot stamping and other packaging processes immediately completed, very conducive to the development of high-speed printing needs. High speed means that it can reduce the cost of raw materials, finished goods storage and capital pressure. At the same time, because UV curing energy consumption is very low, making the usual operating costs are also greatly reduced.


Improve product performance

UV printing on most substrates, its printability is very good. UV printing products dot clear, good tone reproduction, bright ink color, high printing consistency. At the same time, because the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process, so both the ink layer and the varnish layer have strong adhesion, durability, as well as water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, and other advantages.


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