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Why Is There a Color Difference in UV Printing?

Feb. 09, 2022

UV Printer

When using UV printers, the printed pattern and the color produced by the designer, sometimes there will be deviations. As a result, the printout is unsatisfactory. So, what are the reasons for the color differences in UV printing?



Before operators use UV printers to print patterns for media, they all need to process the patterns to be printed until they reach the effect that customers want, and then they will start to print. But if we are in the picture processing process, due to processing errors and damage to the pattern color, the printed effect will have a large gap with the actual required effect.

1. Computer monitors will be due to different brands, models and individual color values set parameters, resulting in visually different viewing colors.

2. The color production of the lightest color value should not be less than 8%, otherwise it may not be printed.

3. The color of the picture on the original design is RGB, not CMYK; please do not use four-color black or four-color gray, which will easily present serious color differences after printing.

4. Avoid using special colors. If the picture is purchased or provided by other places, sometimes the description file with special color is not found, resulting in the overall printing color being all discolored. This produces the color difference in the overall color difference.


Therefore, the printer operator before printing, it is best to carry out a sample test until the desired effect, and then officially printed. This can save materials, but also in the shortest possible time to print the product effect to customer satisfaction.


UV ink

The quality of UV ink is the key to directly reflecting the final effect. If the UV printer uses poor quality ink, it is difficult to print the effect of customer demand. As some ink pigment composition ratio is different and coupled with ink cartridges in the ink crosstalk, resulting in the printout of the pattern appears off-color.

UV Ink

UV printing environmental factors

Environmental factors will also affect the printing color differences, including printing time, UV ink quality, temperature, humidity, material characteristics, etc. Also includes factors beyond human control. These will lead to the appearance of color differences.


UV printer

UV flatbed printer stability at this time is reflected, a high stability of UV printer is not easy to print color difference. In addition, printer printing accuracy is also a very important factor. The higher the print accuracy of the printhead used by the printer, the more realistic the printout, the less the print effect and the actual requirements of the effect of the gap.


Material characteristics

Printing media can also affect the color difference. Each material has a different base color and ink adsorption characteristics, if you can master the qualities of the material, the design of the color will be more comfortable. The darker the base color of the material, the more likely it to produce color differences.


UV printer operator

In addition to the above reasons, the UV printer operator itself is also an important factor, the excellent intention of the UV printer operator to print out the product effect to better meet customer needs. And if the operator simply wants to print out the product, print out the color effect obscure, and ultimately not just the loss of this a business customers, while also making the later development of enterprises more difficult.


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