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UV Printer in the Application of Glass

Jan. 20, 2022

UV Printer

With the development of UV printing technology, UV printers continue to try new substrate materials and develop new application solutions.UV printing on glass has become very popular and common.


Process Introduction

UV glass printing is a kind of glass as a medium, through UV printing technology to make the glass with patterns, colors, patterns, shapes, and other kinds of effects, combining art and glass. It's flashy and luxurious and favored by the majority of consumers has become a new highlight of modern decorative materials, the market is calling. Available range in doors, windows, stores, hotels, ballrooms, screens, partitions, walls, ceilings, furniture, and other decoration.


UV printing advantages and characteristics

UV printing glass has the following characteristics and advantages.

1. The pattern is flexible and changeable, as long as the picture is clear enough to meet the printing requirements, almost any pattern can be printed easily.

2. It can realize mass production and save manpower.

3. The pattern is firm, not easy to fade, and easy to clean, just dip in water and gently wipe. Another varnish effect can be added to enhance the firmness and brightness, and enhance the artistic effect.


Printed glass has become a popular choice for architectural interior and exterior decorators fashion elements, its powerful use of colorful features, as well as for designers to play their own creative patterns have become one of the designers' favorite materials. And UV printing glass itself and the finished effect of the pattern can play a role in beautifying and decorating the home environment, making the home environment more comfortable.



In the process of industrial production of batch printing, it is inevitable that UV printing coating color loss? So what causes it? And how to solve it?

The first is the coating problem.

Different coatings for different materials are not the same, you need to choose a special coating for glass.

The second is the problem of ink.

Although the surface of the ink looks similar, it involves the ink curing, blending agent, and other molecular components. Therefore, such as poor ink performance, will lead to a decline in adhesion of the entire UV coating.

The third is the handling of the coating problem.

The surface of the object should be fully clean, if the surface is stuck with dust, dust, or water and oil stains, will also lead to reduced adhesion of the coating.


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