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Why UV Printer Pulling the Line? How to Solve it?

Jan. 06, 2022

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I do not know if any customers encounter this situation, is the phenomenon of pulling the line when the spray painting will appear. Although this problem is a headache, but not impossible to deal with. It can even be said that no specialized maintenance personnel can also be repaired. The following is to talk about the causes of this situation.


Feathering pulling line

This pull line may be because the printhead at work when the location of the splice overlap, interval, or feathering is not good, thus appearing isometric arrangement of white lines, like this pull line, only need to check and adjust the belt so that UV printer painting normal operation, as well as adjust the printhead spray point intersection position or adjust the feathering can be solved. It is worth noting that the same intersection position requires the degree of feathering may be different.


Blocking nature of the pull line

The nature of this pulling line causes a variety of reasons, such as operating methods and environmental factors cause blockage, the product does not shake the ink unevenly, the process of adding ink brought in a little dust and other impurities, wipe when cleaning the nozzle is not standardized, so that the environment of the dust adhering to the nozzle above, etc., the result of the reaction is a fixed position in a color channel "white line", there will be more than one "white line", the solution is to clean and maintain the nozzle, such as using a sponge to have sucked away the dry ink or glaze powder and other impurities.


Auxiliary equipment abnormal nature of pulling the line

This refers to the entire nozzle or a number of consecutive spray points between the lack of ink pull line. The reason for this pull line is the nozzle does not spray ink and UV flatbed printing ink supply is insufficient, or because the UV flatbed printing negative pressure instability is caused by the nozzle above the sticky ink and other reasons. The solution to this problem is to replace the corresponding circuit board and the negative pressure pump or to exclude the defoaming fault and increase the frequency of the defoaming pump. Of course, there is another is to increase the frequency of the ink supply pump, regular replacement of the filter to eliminate the auxiliary equipment abnormal nature of pulling the line.


So in the use of UV printers when some small problems do not need to go to the professional information personnel to adjust, just need to look at the problem themselves to replace the cleaning on the line. And generally will not cause major problems with the machine, unless the user improper use caused. As long as the user in the use of UV printers pays more attention to observation, paying attention to the daily cleaning can reduce the occurrence of such problems. We are a UV printer supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them!

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