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What is UV Printing

Aug. 23, 2019

UV printer technology is very popular these days with lots of popular brands offering high quality products at affordable rates, which offers outstanding custom printing solutions. There are lots of businesses interested in UV printing, due to the production capabilities it offers at scale and how awesome it has turned out to be for everyone.

The flatbed printer is the crown jewel of the UV curing technology, as it affords greater ease in printing, and allows printing directly on acrylic with exceptional detail and record speed. Businesses are looking for printers that maintain high quality standards, are environmentally friendly, and very accurate in the printing process, which is what UV printers offer. There are lots of big name brands offering UV printers today, which include names like Vutek, Roland, Freecolor, Mimaki etc.

If you want to learn more about UV printers and how UV printing works, we will discuss that in detail, and why you should consider it for custom signage solutions for your business.

What is UV Printing?

Digital printing is all the rage these days, and UV printing is another form of that, which uses UV lights to cure or dry ink when it is being printed. The printer will distribute the ink on the surface, while the UV lights will dry or cure the ink instantly. The process was developed to help dry gel nail polish in manicures, but the success of UV light applications led it to commercial and industrial markets.

The biggest benefit of ultraviolet light is that they can cure or dry printed ink instantly. This means that the ink doesn’t spread on the surface, offering a much more refined finish. The UV cured or dried ink is also weather-resistant, and therefore doesn’t fade. Another great thing about UV printing is that the curing process is completely environmentally friendly and produces only minimum heat, odor, and VOC.

The UV curing also allows nontraditional materials such as aluminum or acrylic to be used, and this compatibility helps them provide greater detail.

Why We Love UV Printing

The UV flatbed printer has changed the dynamics of the printing industry completely, and has enhanced custom production capabilities of businesses. It can take the in-house printing capabilities of any business to the next level, as it provides solvent digital printer, silk screening, and digital/vinyl heat press. The UV printer comes in a flatbed design, which allows greater quality work, and it can also be used and applied on almost any surface. This adds greater printing flexibility for the business, since they can easily use it to further enhance their printing and production capabilities.

UV flatbed printers also leverage cutting-edge printing technology, which brings out the best printing results for any custom signage job. This is the reason why there are so many fans of UV printing, since it can revitalize the in-house printing capability of any business.

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