UV Curable Ink for direct print on product – Black 500 mL bottle
Freecolor has formulated a line of UV curable inks, for use with our FC-UV4060, FC-UV6090, FC-UV1015 and FC-UV2513 printers. The ink cures when exposed to the built-in UV light on the printer, creating ultra-durable, vibrant full-color imprints on almost any substrate! The ink system includes white ink, clear gloss and texture-building primer, allowing you to print on dark or clear materials and create custom textures and overlays.
Each bottle consists of 500mL of ink. Click Here to view SDS sheets and Certification of Chemical Goods and for this product.
Recommended Ink Storage:
Freecolor UV inks must be stored in the following conditions:
Room temperature from 65F - 80F (18C-27C)
Out of direct sunlight or open heat sources
NOTE: Shelf life for ink is 12 months from the manufactured date or when exposed to air.

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